men's hair care

The Ultimate Man’s Guide to Hair Care

This is a guest post by Josh Meyer. Since it’s just us guys here, we can be honest. We men care about our hair more than we would ever let on. It's not without reason though. Guys with hair well into their 50’s and beyond are usually the envy of men who haven’t been as lucky. There is no miracle … [Read More...]


Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is nearly here! With only a few days left, you may feel like you've missed your chance to get your dad a great gift. But there's still time! It's never too late to show your dad how much you appreciate him. Below are 18 last-minute gift ideas for Father's Day: 18 Father's Day Gift … [Read More...]

primal movements

5 Primal Movements Every Man Should Conquer

This is a guest post by Jonathan Mead.  Primal movements: it's all good and fine to ignore them, that is, until the moment you need them most. And that's precisely where most traditional gym-style workouts fail. They don't prepare you for those real-world moments where your strength and skill … [Read More...]

no holes belts

4 Reasons Men Are Switching to Belts Without Holes

Let's face it: belt technology has not changed much in the last hundred years. Heck, even the last thousands of years... The first belts were nothing more than rope or cloth tied around the waist. And today's standard belts have not evolved much beyond that: a piece of leather with some … [Read More...]

Impress girlfriends parents

How to Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

This is a guest post by Megan Wild. You've been invited to meet your girlfriend's parents. You got incredibly lucky by having such a sweet and loving girlfriend, and you're hoping her parents will feel the same way about you as she does. By knowing how to prepare for this important occasion, as … [Read More...]


Meet Me at StyleCon 2016

What if I told you the best decision of your life might be to fly to Atlanta this March? “What the heck is in Atlanta in March?” you might ask... Only one of the most unique and awesome conferences for men around: Men’s StyleCon March 11-13th, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia Interested? Click … [Read More...]

heirloom toy chest

Manly Project: How to Build an Heirloom Toy Chest

This is a guest post by Steve Mize. It’s a truism that the first birthday is a gimme, more about the parents than the birthday girl. She’s never going to remember the day, and anyway you’re the one who just survived twelve months of short sleep, runny noses and diaper changes. In my social … [Read More...]

Food waste

Food Waste and The Holidays: A Responsible Man’s Primer

Holidays are a time to see family, veg out, watch football, and most of all, to eat until we’re stuffed...then eat more once the food coma wears off. For those of us who are fortunate, the holiday menu often reads like nothing short of a feast: 20 lb turkey? Check. Candied yams? … [Read More...]

grill a turkey

How to Grill a Turkey

This is a guest post by Troy Lambert. Deep frying turkeys and cooking them alternate ways is all the rage around the holidays. The risk of fire is concerning, at least to me, and before the big deep fryers and giant jugs of peanut oil were nearly as prevalent, I found a way to make a moist, … [Read More...]

Dating photo tips

3 Ways to Showcase Your Personality in Your Dating Photos

This is a guest post by Saskia Nelson of Saturday Night's Alright. So you’re dating online, but are you finding that you’re just not attracting the kind of women who rock your world?  You’ve already figured out how to get the best photos for your dating profiles right here from photographer Steve … [Read More...]